William Allerdice


I got into yoga after sobering up from an intense couple of years. I was looking for something bigger, better, soul nurturing than the status quo. I found only temporary glimpses in drugs. I read a book from my dad’s bookshelf - The Way to God. My experience of reading this is hard to describe - transformationally awakening, and, at the same time, familiar.

Shortly after this, I found a meditation group suggested to me through my chiropractor who is. a devotee of Yogananda. I too became a devotee after reading Autobiography of a Yogi. I began a daily meditation practice, became a member of SRF and started the How to Live home study lessons which I still work through.

I grew up skateboarding and discovered the magic of the body at a young age. I discovered unbounded joy, the highest high! A feeling of lightness in body and mind. In adulthood, my love affair with skateboarding changed. My knees were a talking!  After four years of a daily yoga meditation practice, I knew I was done with the weightlifting and Thai boxing. My sister introduced me to her yoga teacher in New York where she was in school, and I started practicing several times a week from a video titled Maha Sadhana by Dharma Mittra. I was again feeling an unbounded joy through this practice.

In 2015, I completed the 200-hour teacher training at Kashi and began teaching. In 2016, I started the 500-hr training with Dharma Mittra in New York City. I aim to offer a safe place in my classes to reconnect with your inner self through the practice of yoga. We safely explore the boundaries and limitations set by our minds and move through them to discover our unlimited, unbounded, radiant selves. Love to all beings! Om shanti.