f l a s h s a l e

Unlimited Pilates equipment - $219/month 
(savings = $50/month and $600/year)

Unlimited yoga + mat - $99/month
(savings = $30/month and $360/year)

These prices reflect a year-long membership and will only be available for purchase February 27-29.

Contact us here if you’d like to be first in line.

w e l c o m e p a c k a g e s

All welcome packages are offered to each student as a one-time offer and include a 30-minute wellness consultation

m e m b e r s h i p s

Does be well feel like a good fit? Whether you prefer privates, duets, group classes, yoga or Pilates, we have a membership option that's designed specifically for you. Starting at just $89 per month, we customize our memberships to meet our clients' goals, lifestyles, and budgets.  Email info@bewellatl.org to get started.

d r o p - i n r a t e s