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Reiki Level I :: I am a Powerful Visionary



June 15, 2019

11:30am - 6:30pm

Through the guidance of Reiki teachings and principles, this class is specifically designed for those desiring a deeper connection with their Intuitive Self.

Being an Intuitive isn’t just a gift that some have and others do not. It is something that we all carry within ourselves, a sacred gift from our Ancestors. This circle will hold space for you to explore and deepen your connection with your own personal gifts & will connect you to channelling your intuitive side more fully.

In Reiki Level 1 :: I am a Powerful Visionary, you can expect to:

  • Be Fully Welcomed in Circle

  • Be Introduced to Reiki, it’s History, and connected with it’s Founding Master Teachers

  • Gain Knowledge of Reiki Principles and Precepts

  • Engage in a Deeper Connection with the Chakra System and Your Energetic Body

  • Be introduced to Chakra Pendulum work

  • Learn how to use Meditation as Your Guide & connect with your personal Guides

  • Learn energetic healing practices for Aura Clearing and Reiki Treatments for Your Self, Others, and your Animal Companions

  • Learn how to Protect Yourself and maintain your Psychic Health

  • Participate in a Unique Initiation Ceremony and Receive Your Level One Attunement which certifies you as a Reiki Level 1 Practitioner

  • Receive a gift from your teacher

This Circle takes place at be well at The Beacon in Grant Park, 1039 Grant St SE, Atlanta, GA 30315. Cost is $250.00 per student and will include your course packet, instructional book and any supplies.

There will also be a one hour break for lunch & periodic short breaks throughout the day, so do not let the length of class deter you! We nurture our energetic body, we do not intend to tax it in any way. The majority of this class is based in ritual and sharing, and most people find it to be an easeful immersion experience. When practicing energetic work, you will want to feel grounded, so it is beneficial that you come to class well rested and with any supplies that will support you through the day like water bottles, snacks, and comfortable clothing.

PLEASE NOTE: You will need to pick up your instructional book at least ONE week before class so that you will have read the appropriate materials. Contact Dara to pick up, read below.

For any questions and to schedule a time to pick up your instructional book before class, contact Dara Metcalfe, Independent Reiki Master Teacher, directly at or at 678.296.8989 - text is easiest and best!