"midwinter spring is its own season"

by mary grace allerdice

no one questions what flowers need to bloom.
soft, nutritious soil
the personalized amount of sunlight
and water.

those beautifully selfish flowers just laying around and needing the right amount of sunlight.

said no one ever.

it’s time to shed our hard ground. spring is here.
the hard ground is necessary in its season. it provides the coccoon for burrowing for strengthening our inner sap so we can thrive when the some comes back.

but when it’s spring, it’s time to soften again.
it’s time to peel back the layers and give ourselves what we need to bloom
(which is really what the flowers need):

soft, nutritious soil
personalized amount of sunlight
and water.

take the time to make appointments with yourself. you are worthy of your own attention.
what do you need to bloom?

often, our attention is turned so outward all the time
our attention is so exhausted - we don’t even know what we need or what is nourishing.

softening can look like asking more questions, kind evaluation.
is this making me feel good just for today while hurting me tomorrow?
does this nourish my deepest self or satisfy a temporary craving?
does this relationship make me a better person?
do i need rest right now or a walk with a friend?

flowers are such a perfect example of the perfect paradox, the balance of
trust + self-guardianship.

they sit there fragile + brave, soaking up all the nourishment available, all that they need
while growing down dense roots for the strength to just be.

and we all benefit from their radiance + their medicine.

let us learn from them. and grow.

Midwinter spring is its own season

__ T.S. Eliot, “Four Quartets”

Mary Grace Phillips