mindfulness - the new default position


by mary grace allerdice

my personal practice is always changing. i don’t thrive in keeping things exactly the same all the time. does anything?

however, i love the stability and routine of having a practice. i think of myself like a plant - they struggle to survive if they are constantly being dug up and moved around. but what is within my practice changes as the seasons of my life demand different things.

right now...my practice consists mostly of pranayama (breathwork) and meditation.
i always have a strong sense that the external manifests the internal. if my insides are being tended to with integrity, if the internal aligns with my goals and desires, then the external will demonstrate that.

i still consider my physical movement practices + exercise completely essential. there is boundless research on how our physical health and well-being impacts our mental health. the opposite is also true. i love my lunges, arm balances and ab work, but they are no longer complete by themselves.

i want to get beyond compensating for what i should have done yesterday, get beyond a semi-permanent recovery stage. what if i can set up my default position to be a place of wholeness and peace instead of always trying to fix how tired i am or replenish my empty well?

this is why we incorporate mindfulness, breathwork + meditaton into so many of our classes now - Mindful Practice + Practice classes specifically. Because it honors the reality that our minds and our bodies house each other and demonstrate each other.

and while this practice looks less shiny on the IG, our minds are often where the deepest work takes place. the yoga poses were originally to prepare the body to be able to sit with stamina and with ease so that we could sit in a seat long enough to train our minds. taking a seat is currently being my airplane for evolving.

this is my journey for 2019. to train my life around abundance, energy and possibility so i can be more open to grace, more available in my loves, more responsible in my leadership.

Know thyself. Don’t be afraid to go IN. 

be well.

tools for going in

Balance - a combination of trees + tree roots for grounding, being present, calming the nervous system
Cedarwood - promotes relaxation for the body + mind (and fantastic for your skin)
Detox Tea - a blend of Lemongrass, Red Rooibos + Rose for clarity and detoxification
Nootropic Chocolate - for calm concentration and improved cognitive function
Palo Santo - for grounding + clearing