APRIL: Routine

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routine / 

as a key. not a lock. and not that routine necessarily means the same thing every day. but it's giving your body an expectation of how it can feel, what you are going to give it every week. i find that when i sit down at the beginning of the week or in the morning to plan what classes i'm going to, then i go! when i pencil in the time i'll make for myself in the morning to be with my thoughts, then i do it. and when i don't plan those things, they don't happen.

routine can save me from drowning in some of the decision fatigue that comes from having too much on my plate and so many options available all the time. routine helps me set up a default system of well being to fall back on when the inevitable curveballs are thrown into my day.

our routines are our unquestioned modes of care. our routines are what our body can trust us to provide. 






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Mary Grace Allerdice